Takeaway lunch on a Monday? Yes please! 

Despite our grocery stores having an exceptionally varied selection of fresh ingredients and easy ready meals, sometimes you just want to spoil yourself and go enjoy a proper (and inexpensive) restaurant meal on the spot or as takeaway. 

We suggest you take a break from your hectic work day to enjoy international savours. In Järvenpää, you can get a taste of international cuisines easily: Japanese, American, Central European, Italian, Nepalese, Chinese… Choices, choices!

Järvenpää is the home for many different cuisines ranging from Scandinavian to Asian. 

Whether you work outside at a construction site or in the comfort of your office, you can pop at your favourite restaurant at lunchtime. It’s made easy for you – in Järvenpää, the restaurants are located within walking distance from the city center. If you’re more of a gourmet kind of person, Järvenpää offers also more high-end options for gastronomic experience.