Those #greenurban flavours...

In Järvenpää you get the best of both worlds: technically, we’re both in the city and in the countryside simultaneously. In and around Järvenpää there are many farmers and local food producers who grow and deliver fresh produce, such as meat and other animal products, crops and vegetables, to restaurants, catering companies and supermarkets in the area.

This connection between primary production and services is very important for business to fully flourish in Järvenpää. And we believe in supporting local!

Can you smell it already? Put your boots on because these farms are often open for the public as well! They are the perfect day family trip destination to visit on a nice, sunny day. This as a fun activity especially for small children – or who are we kidding, adults love petting farm animals and their babies, too. You can by their handmade treats, like bread and baked goods, directly from the shop. Clean eating doesn’t really get any better than this.

Monttu - The Grand Canyon of Järvenpää

See it while it’s there! The construction of the new shopping mall starts 2021 and Monttu will be gone forever!

What? Basically a huge hole in the middle of the city center
 Sibeliuksenkatu 8, 04400 Järvenpää, Finland
How to get there? Take the R-Train to Järvenpää, from Järvenpää Train Station: walk down towards the center approximately 45 seconds.