Take a deep breath of air full of art.

Traditionally, Järvenpää has been best known for its artistic community that goes way back. Here is what you need to know!

Symphonic fantasy (Fantasia sinfonica) – that’s what Jean Sibelius’ Symphony No. 7 in C major was initially called. His aim was to create something completely new and revolutionary, something that the world had never been seen before. 

Back in the day in the early 1900’s, painters, writers, poets and composers lived around Lake Tuusula. Nowadays, many of those artist’s homes, like Ainola, Ahola, Erkkola and Halosenniemi, serve as museums and they’re open for visiting tourists. Villa Kokkonen and the Art Museum of Järvenpää, on the other hand, are are examples of more recent artistic havens in the city.

Nowadays, Järvenpää offers many kinds of opportunities to practice art. There’s music and arts academies that offer tuition in music, dancing, graphic design, photography, fashion, painting and creative writing. Young people can also study different artforms in Järvenpää upper secondary school or in Keuda, the vocational school of Järvenpää.

The Järvenpää Arts Society (Järvenpään Taideseura) supports and promotes art related activities in the Järvenpää area. The society also organises cultural events like music festivals and art exhibitions, for example. The city of Järvenpää aims to support young people to find, acquire, nurture and develop their talents. 

Legends have always successors: among our young people could be the next-generation Jean Sibelius, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Juhani Aho or Eero Järnefelt. And who knows, maybe with the right kind of encouragement and support from the city, they could end up making something even greater than Sibelius’ Symphonic fantasy, his “most remarkable compositional achievement”.

Järvenpää Art Museum - The starting spot of your artfullness tour

Järvenpää Art Museum is a great place to start your journey to the artfullness. Below is also listed other locations to continue your adventure of arts. 

What? Basically a huge hole in the middle of the city center
 Sibeliuksenkatu 8, 04400 Järvenpää, Finland
How to get there? Take the R-Train to Järvenpää. From Järvenpää Train Station: take the tunnel under the railway tracks to the north side of the train station, walk past the statue of Jean Sibelius and you are there!
Other locations: Ainola – Home of Jean Sibelius, Ahola – Home of Juhani Aho and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Villa Kokkonen (designed by Alvar Aalto)