The sweet sound that breaks the silence in a sauna: water being thrown to the hot heater. As a people, we are known to be lovers of peace and quiet. But this sound we definitely do not mind at all – in fact, it’s more like music to our ears.

Finland is known for its sauna culture. According to the Finnish Sauna Society, there has been estimated to be over three million saunas in the country – as much as there are cars. Most of us use their sauna every week (usually on weekends), and some of us even daily. Even the smallest apartments in Finland might have their own tiny saunas in the bathroom. In this sense, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that to the Finns, sauna is a sacred place.

Saunas can be roughly divided into traditional wood-burning smoke saunas and more modern, electric stove saunas.

In the old days common people didn’t have the chance to bathe often, or almost never. But when they did, they bathed in lakes and in the sauna – which was often also the cleanest place at home and which therefore, as recently as a hundred years ago, was also the most common place for women to give birth in. Maybe that’s where our sisu comes from?

Believe it or not, but Finland has a long tradition in public sauna culture. Yes, you read that right: strangers bathing together, buttnaked. Public saunas were in heavy use especially in the Helsinki area but their popularity ceased when more and more people could afford their very own electric sauna in the home. Today, old traditions have come to life again and public saunas are seen as cool and trendy, and new public saunas have been opened all over.

Experience the essence of being a Finn – in a sauna.

There are definitely some amazing hidden gems in the Tuusulanjärvi lakeside region as well as most old manor houses around Lake Tuusula often have wooden saunas on their yards. You can even book some of them for yourself or a group of friends. Are you ready to have an authentic Finnish sauna experience? Throw some löyly, dip in the lake and enjoy the peace and quiet! Even in winter, if you dare.

Vanhankylänniemi Sauna - The blissful union of hot and cool

Rejuvenate your body and mind in the heat of the sauna and dip in the lake Tuusula for that reborn feeling. Even in winter, if you dare (you should).

What? Our open-for-everyone sauna
Stålhanentie 4, 04400 Järvenpää, Finland
How to get there? Take the R-Train to Järvenpää. From the railway station take the bus number 21 to Vanhankylänniemi. Easy!