Different things for different people!

Whether you enjoy lifting weights at the gym, dancing your worries away or walking in the forest with your dog – we understand you! The citizens of Järvenpää are all different and we see it as a richness. 


There are some 20 gyms in Järvenpää, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to row or train your biceps and thighs. The gyms are usually provided with saunas, experienced personal trainers and group exercise classes. There are many gyms in which you can train martial arts such as kickboxing or karate, too.

Hip hop, pole dance or hot yoga? There are several dance schools and yoga studios to choose from in Järvenpää to help you with your cha cha cha steps, getting a grip of the pole or turning your zen mode on! Or how about circus?

A whole other ball game: ball games. Football, floorball, basketball, tennis, badminton… You pick, we provide. In sports halls (or outside depending on the season), there’s also many great options to play ice hockey or to do figure skating, test your endurance at track and field or on the other hand, do swimming and scuba diving.


In Järvenpää there are excellent possibilities to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature. There are forests, jogging tracks and exercise stairs that are completely free for everyone to use. In summer, the lake can be used for sports and leisure: for swimming, rowing, sup boarding and fishing, for instance. In winter when the lake is frozen over, the city of Järvenpää clears out a track for skiing and skating. Just remember to take your hot chocolate and sandwiches with you!

Järvenpää Art Museum - The starting spot of your artfullness tour

Järvenpää Art Museum is a great place to start your journey to the artfullness. Below is also listed other locations to continue your adventure of arts.

What? Basically a huge hole in the middle of the city center
Where? Sibeliuksenkatu 8, 04400 Järvenpää, Finland
How to get there? Take the R-Train to Järvenpää. From Järvenpää Train Station: take the tunnel under the railway tracks to the north side of the train station, walk past the statue of Jean Sibelius and you are there!
Other locations: Ainola – Home of Jean Sibelius, Ahola – Home of Juhani Aho and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Villa Kokkonen (designed by Alvar Aalto)